What Are Some Questions to Ask a Politician?

Some questions for political candidates and elected officials might be on general matters, such how they intend to increase democratic participation among the public, or how they intend to reduce the federal budget deficit. Others might inquire about specific issues of current affairs and special interests, perhaps regarding their stance on certain proposed initiatives and legislation.

A common subject, of questions put to politicians, is that of religion. In particular, the politician’s thoughts on the role of religion in politics. While often overlooked, a politician’s religious views can greatly influence their stance on a range of issues, including education, healthcare and discrimination laws.

Questions put to politicians about their views on religion might focus on the following:

  • The role of their religious values in policy making
  • The relationship between religion and government
  • Protecting people’s rights to religious freedom

Asking appropriate questions will depend on the level of the politician. For example, state level officials and candidates are better placed to answer questions on local civil service, education and specific state laws. Alternatively, federal officials and candidates will be able to more comprehensively answer questions on nationwide deficits and the democratic process in general.

Opportunities for asking such questions include radio call-ins, live debates, town hall meetings and online chat sessions.