What Does a Question Mark Tattoo Mean?

The question mark tattoo is associated with the wearer’s questions about his or her personal life and belief system, including sexuality and religion. It is also worn by members of the Filipino gang Bahala Na. Because tattoo meanings are so highly personal, a question mark tattoo may have a completely different significance for its wearer.

Among the individuals who sport a question mark tattoo is actor Johnny Depp, whose tattoo is on the inside of his right ankle. It is a symbol of his 1997 movie “The Brave.”

The Bahala Na gang, formed in the Philippines in the early 1940s, uses tattoos featuring question marks, snakes and daggers and their initials, BNG, as their gang symbols. While based in the Philippines, Bahala Na has chapters in North America, mainly in California, Latin America and Europe, according to Bistado.