What Qualities Make a Good Teacher?

Cavan Images/Digital Vision/Getty Images

According to Education.org, a good teacher is someone who has an engaging personality, good communication skills and a passion for what they do. However there are many different opinions about what qualities make a good teacher.

It often becomes obvious when teachers don’t love teaching. Students can sense it, and they often act out in response and fail to take the subject matter seriously. A good teacher needs to be an effective disciplinarian while also bringing the best results from students. The goal is to promote positive and constructive behaviors in the classroom by curbing the behaviors of students who take away from this, without being too negative in the process. A good teacher needs to be a skilled communicator with not just students, but also with parents. After all, parents and teachers need to work together to provide for a child’s specific needs. Good teachers also need a full understanding of their subject matter, and of the curriculum and standards of their school. Good teachers have high expectations for their students, and they try to draw out the best in them but are not overly harsh when their students initially fail. Additionally, effective teachers have straightforward lesson plans with clear goals.