What Are Some Qualities of Compassionate People?

A truly compassionate person is selflessly concerned with the struggles of others as a empathetic listener, an eager volunteer, a loyal friend and a sacrificial servant. Compassion is a sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it

Compassionate people care about others more than for themselves and consistently attempt to not say things impulsively that might hurt someone’s feelings. Compassionate people are exceptionally good friends because they remain loyal and make others’ problems their own. They often seem to have an uncanny ability to love others unconditionally because they do not see the faults and mistakes of others as much as they see their pain and grief. A compassionate person can find something in common with anyone, because instead of comparing herself boastfully with another, she attempts to form relationships in which she can comfort and help others. A compassionate person is consistently humble because she does not feel right if others do not feel appreciated and valued. As one who chooses to suffer with others, a compassionate person does not run from the darker, more painful aspects of human life, but instead tries to be a light and a shelter for others who are struggling.