How Do I Put a Window Screen Back in Place?

Install aluminum window screens from inside the home by opening the window fully, placing the top of the screen in the top screen channel, pulling up on the tabs and lowering the bottom of the screen into the lower channel. Center the screen, and ensure there are no large gaps.

  1. Open the window

    A fully open window gives room to move the screen through the opening, allowing installation without climbing a ladder on the outside of the home.

  2. Clean the channels

    Check the top and bottom channels that hold the screen in place for debris. Clean any dust or dirt from the channels using a stiff brush, soap and water.

  3. Insert the screen into the top channel

    Align the top of the screen across the top of the channel before attempting to insert it into the bottom channel.

  4. Lift the tabs and pull

    Grasp the plastic tabs at the bottom of the screen. Lift up while pulling the screen toward you. When the screen aligns with the bottom channel, lower it into place.

  5. Center the screen

    Move the screen to center it in the opening. There should be no large gaps along the edges of the screen. If centering the screen leaves large gaps, it is too small and requires replacement to prevent insects and other pests from entering the home.