How Do You Put on a Straitjacket?

To put on a straitjacket, you will need the aid of a second person to tighten and buckle the straps. The Posey straitjacket is designed for institutional restraint. Never put on a straitjacket alone if you can’t get out of it.

It is important to drink a lot of water because using a straitjacket requires aerobic activity and can make you sweat. Wear clothes under the straitjacket to avoid bruises and abrasions.

  1. Put on the straitjacket

    Pull the straitjacket over your head. Place your arms in the sleeves. Put one leg through the hole of the crotch strap, so the crotch strap is between both legs.

  2. Buckle the back straps

    The second person should pull each back strap to tighten the straitjacket. He can then buckle each strap.

  3. Pull your arms through the arm loops

    There are three loops for your arms: one under your right arm, one under your left arm and one in the middle. The second person pulls your right arm through the middle loop and the left arm loop. Then he pulls your left arm through the middle loop and the right arm loop.

  4. Buckle the arm straps

    The second person pulls the arm straps behind your back and buckles them together.