How Do You Put Your Newspaper on Hold for Vacation?

To put your newspaper on hold for vacation, call the newspaper company at least a week in advance so your carrier is alerted in enough time. Give the exact dates you are gone, including the day you leave or the day before.

While on vacation, ask a neighbor or friend to check the front of the house for a paper. If one is delivered, ask the person to pick it up so it does not sit out, alerting others that you are not home. Occasionally, the carrier may forget to skip your delivery even when the newspaper company has alerted the carrier in advance.

When you call to hold the delivery, be clear about the day you want to resume delivery. However, if for any reason you do not return on that day, call the paper company as soon as possible to extend the delivery hold. If that happens, call the company once you return home to resume paper delivery at the earliest date possible.

Find your newspaper company’s contact information in the phone book, on your bill, in the newspaper or on the newspaper’s website. The masthead generally contains all pertinent information and customer service numbers or email addresses. Find it on one of the first few pages of the paper.