How Do You Put Last Names in Alphabetical Order?

In the English language, alphabetical order runs from the first letter, “A,” through the last letter, “Z.” Put a list of last names in alphabetical order by using the alphabet as a guide.

  1. Create your list

    Print out or write the list of last names that you need to put in alphabetical order.

  2. Organize by letter

    Organize the list by first initials. Start with all of the last names that begin with the letter “A.” Write these names. Move on to last names that start with the letter “B.” Continue until you reorganize the entire list.

  3. Look at the second letter

    For multiple last names that begin with the same letter, look at the second letter. Alphabetize the group of “A” names, for example, by using the second letter in the last name.

  4. Look at the third letter

    For last names that share a first and second letter, use the third letter to alphabetize the names.

  5. Continue alphabetizing the list

    Continue alphabetizing the list of last names using the steps above. When last names share first, second and third letter, move on to the fourth. Continue alphabetizing your list, crossing names off as you go, until the whole list is put in order.