How Do You Put Freon in a Car?

After purchasing the Freon, attach the can to the air conditioning compressor, open the can, replace the Freon, close the can and repeat the steps as necessary. It is extremely important to prevent the Freon from touching the skin as frostbite will occur.

Before charging the air conditioning unit in any car, it is important to note the model year of the vehicle. Cars made before 1993 use R12 Freon. This type of Freon is not available to the public due to its ability to damage the environment. However, licensed mechanics have access to the chemical. Cars built after 1993 use R134a Freon which can be found at most auto parts stores. R134a Freon cannot be used in a car built before 1993 so owners should not attempt to use it.

The steps used to change the Freon in cars built after 1993 are easy to follow:

Step 1: Attach the Freon can to the compressor

Attach the hose at the end of the Freon can to the compressor and tighten slightly. The owner’s manual should list the location of the compressor hose.

Step 2: Open the Freon can

Freon cans have a small valve near the opening. Open the can to release air from the system then tighten the connection to the compressor completely.

Step 3: Start the engine

With the connection tightened and the can open, start the car’s engine and turn the air conditioner on high. Hold the can of Freon upright and slowly open the valve. When the can is empty, remove it and close the valve.

Repeat these steps as necessary until the air conditioner blows cold air.