What Do You Put in a First Aid Kit?

Dorling Kindersley/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

According to the American Red Cross, a first-aid kit should include various supplies, including bandages, adhesive tape, disinfectants and a first-aid instruction manual. Owners should check the kit regularly and replace any products as they expire. Upon using items from the kit, owners should replace them immediately.

Mayo Clinic recommends adjusting the supplies in the first-aid kit to meet the specific needs of a family. If a member requires an EpiPen after an insect sting, it is vital to keep one in the kit. Other prescription medication for use in an emergency should be readily available for the user. Aloe vera lotion and anti-itch medication are useful with sunburn. The kit is the ideal place to keep emergency contact numbers, each family member’s medical history form and medical consent forms.

When building the kit, it requires a container that is easy to carry and open. One option is a fishing tackle box. Parents should store kits where they are easy to access yet out of the reach of children. While older first-aid kits often included syrup of ipecac, KidsHealth says there is no evidence giving this medication to induce vomiting helps children who swallow a poison. Instead, it recommends parents contact a poison control center for instructions to provide care for the child. Keep the current phone number for the center in the kit.