How Do You Put Contacts in Small Eyes?

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If it seems as if your eyes are getting smaller, you may be squinting because your eyes are too dry. Use a moisturizing solution with your contacts. When inserting contacts, do it without stretching the eyelids for the most comfortable experience.

  1. Place the contact lens on your finger

    Put the contact lens on the tip of your index or middle finger. Brace your hand against your face with your third or fourth finger on your cheek. Do not pull your eyelid down.

  2. Expose the white of your eye

    Tuck your chin down. At the same time, look up at the mirror, exposing as much of the white of your eye as possible.

  3. Place the contact on your eye

    Touch the contact to the lower part of your eyes. Wait for it to grab hold of the eye, then roll your finger up just a little. Let the contact seal on your eye before removing your finger.