How Do I Put Antifreeze in a Radiator?

To add antifreeze to the radiator reservoir, unscrew the reservoir cap, and pour the coolant in the reservoir tank until it reaches the full line. You need antifreeze, otherwise known as radiator coolant, that is one part coolant and one part water. Do not remove the reservoir cap if the engine is still hot.

  1. Check the coolant level in the tank

    Locate the white, translucent coolant overflow tank. Locate the markings on the tank that indicate the high and low levels. If there is no overflow tank, unscrew the reservoir cap, and look inside. If the coolant is near or below the low level, or if you cannot see the coolant’s level when you look inside the tank, the tank needs to be filled.

  2. Drain the old coolant

    If the coolant in the tank is dirty, replace it. Place a bucket underneath the vehicle in the spot where the reservoir tank is located. Locate the radiator plug located underneath the tank, and remove it. Allow the coolant to drain in the bucket. Replace the radiator plug, and secure it.

  3. Add the coolant

    Unscrew and remove the reservoir cap. Pour the coolant in the tank until the coolant reaches the tank’s full line. Screw the cap back on, and secure it tightly.