What Are the Purposes of the Army’s Best Business Practices?

The purposes of the Army’s Best Business Practices (BBPs) are to most efficiently enforce existing policies, while at the same time adjusting to and accommodating new or emerging technologies, theories or data that could help toward this end. In this sense, the Army’s BBPs are dynamic and continually being checked and updated.

An example of this adaptation in line with the times is the Army’s adoption of social media strategies. Using popular sites, such as Pinterest, Slideshare, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, the Army has been able to connect with the public like never before. This allows them to share information on operations funded by the taxpayer, as well as to foster trust by displaying a more human side with a sense of humor. BBPs for the use of social media are important to make sure the Army retains its image of professionalism. For instance, while soldiers are permitted to make social media postings, the Army reserves the right to withhold comments that are deemed inappropriate.

BBPs serve to help orientate those new to Army positions, ensuring they know how to do things the “right” way. However, the same BBPs are often ignored by older employees who might have their own way of doing things, or else by employees who think the BBPs established by experts are simply not as efficient as their own methods. Even so, BBPs are there to ensure that everyone is doing things the same way, which also tends to be the easiest.