What Is the Purpose of a Tie Rod End?

John Lamb/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

Tie rod ends help direct the steering of a vehicle and make it possible to turn a tire. These devices exist in pairs on every tire. This allows for cornering and angling of the tire without causing too much torque on the wheel no matter how deep the turn.

Tie rod ends are integral to the steering and handling of a vehicle. These elements are not susceptible to regular wear and tear the way that other auto parts are. Instead, the only times when tie rod ends become damaged are instances when cars drive up on curves, hit extreme potholes or encounter other road problems that cause impacts behind the tire and in the well itself.

The tie rod end is necessary for creating banking in the tire and allowing for accurate turning, deeper turning radii and enhanced handling of a vehicle. When tie rod ends break, it is impossible to steer a vehicle. The tie rod ends attach to the top and bottom of a tire and keep it secured to the rest of the infrastructure of the vehicle, allowing for fine-tuned changes in direction and ease of handling. Tie rod ends are susceptible to bending, warping and breaking.