What Is the Purpose of a Spreadsheet?

jasantiso/E+/Getty Images

A spreadsheet is used to organize and categorize information into easily readable and understandable columns and rows. Both large and small businesses can utilize spreadsheets to keep track of important date.

Spreadsheets are ideal for storing both large and small amounts of data in a centralized location. They are often made up of various cells that are able to contain any amount of data necessary. The data can be representative of a variety of things, including pricing information and information on different business expenses. The cells can be combined together easily in a spreadsheet to help reach a certain sum and to make the addition of different sets of data more easily done. Spreadsheets are also able to sort and filter the data according to the different coding options that are used in the application.

Presenting data that has a large amount of numbers to many different people can sometimes be difficult, but spreadsheets are a centralized location that can be analyzed by anyone who has seen it. Spreadsheets are ideal for presenting data to employees, board members and even supervisors. It is a way that all information contained in a set of data can be shared among many people without the need for various files and access points.