What Is the Purpose of a Policy?

Maryland GovPics/CC-BY-2.0

A policy is used by a government, business or political party in order to influence or help determine the course of action that an organization takes in certain situations. Businesses usually have multiple policies, including a workplace policy and a customer policy.

Workplace policies are important because they help employees establish boundaries for what the company considers acceptable behavior in certain situations. With these workplace policies in place, employees have guidelines to help them understand what their company expects from them. Overall, workplace policies help install a set of values or norms around a place of business.

Most companies create a workplace policy to help create uniformity among their employees. This is not just uniformity in terms of employee responsibilities, but also employee rights. If companies do not have a workplace policy, the employees are free to create their own personal standards. These standards may differ from one employee to the next, and there is no uniformity in the workplace. This often leads to only a few employees trying to carry the load of the whole workplace.

A customer policy is a set of rules that a company puts in place that helps define how employees interact with customers. It also lets customers know what they are entitled to by using the goods or services of a company.