What Is the Purpose of Media?

rochelle hartman/CC-BY 2.0

The term “the media” is thrown around a lot but is very important to the world, as it exists to tie the human race together and keep people across the globe up to date. There are several different aspects of the media, including radio, publications like magazines and newspapers, and broadcast television.

Education is a huge part of the media’s role. Although it is hard to fact-check many of the things on television these days, education is one of the driving forces behind original television broadcasts.

News is another huge factor. There is no describing how useful broadcast news can be to people who are underprivileged or perhaps far from a main city. If it weren’t for media, most of the world would not be informed of modern events on time.

Entertainment is a big modern influence on media. There are cartoons, soap operas and reality television to keep people entertained. Entertainment is less practically useful than education and news, but it brings in a lot of money and keeps the industry rolling.

Technology and new ideas are another driving force behind the purpose of media. Technology evolves to make people’s lives easier and then it gets mass-distributed by the media.