What Is the Purpose of the Internet?

The main purpose of the Internet is offering effective information sharing and communication globally using computers. Notably, the Internet is the biggest player in the realization of the concept of globalization today. With the Internet, the world has become a global village. A person can now communicate comfortably with anyone in corner of the world.

The Internet is a global network of computers interconnected through different media using a standard protocol. Essentially, a computer in America may be connected to another computer in remotest of Africa.

The Internet plays a big part in the life of a modern human being. People rely on the Internet for their education, trade, socialization and entertainment, among many other important aspects of human life.

Social networking has gone viral in the modern days, thanks to the Internet. Information sharing and entertainment have taken a new dimension, and a person can access any information and music video, at the comfort of their bedroom. Elearning has taken education sector by storm, and classroom work is no longer mandatory.

Evidently, the Internet could be the biggest revolution in the computing and communications world. Initially, the Internet was meant to connect researchers to share and communicate their research information on a common platform. However, a lot has changed, and the functions of the Internet are far wider than it was thought during its conceptual stages.

In short, the Internet is useful in many ways, but communication and information sharing are the most significant.