What Is the Purpose of Emails?

Emails are used for the purpose of communication, such as communicating with instructors and professors, keeping in touch with friends, requesting information from other people or businesses, applying for scholarships, jobs and internships. Even though email is a very valuable communication tool, its wide use in business and academic settings has led to the emergence of new challenges for the users.

Miscommunication through emails normally occur when users have varying expectations about the emails they receive and send. Depending on the purpose of the email, the content differs according to the desired outcome, the intended audience and the formality. The main challenge of using emails is the clogging of the communication channels by emails meant for advertisement purposes. These emails stop some people from receiving their intended emails, and the challenge to the writer is to write a content that stands out from the unwanted emails and capture the attention of the receiver.

Emails are the best form of communicating with a person who is hard to get using other forms of communication such as telephone. It is also useful when sending an electronic file to someone, such as a spreadsheet with data. When information needs to be distributed to a large number of people, emails are more convenient than other types of communication.