What Are Some Purple Heart Benefits by State?

Purple Heart medal holders in all states are eligible for veterans’ benefits, including health care benefits, education assistance, disability compensation and vocational training with employment assistance; in most states, they can also apply for special license plates. Purple Heart winners in New York are automatically eligible for enrollment in the Veterans with Disabilities Employment Program.

New York, Texas and Arkansas veterans with the Purple Heart award can apply for a special Purple Heart license plate using a DD-214 form from the Veterans Administration. In California, soldiers who have received a Purple Heart can apply for free license plates that honor their awards. Those who have won the medal are also exempt from paying vehicle registration fees in California. This waiver applies to one passenger vehicle, motorcycle or small commercial vehicle per applicant. If the medal winner dies, the surviving spouse may continue to use the plate.

In Utah, Purple Heart recipients who are state residents can attend any state university or college for free. Eligible veterans can combine the Utah higher education program with G.I. Bill educational benefits. Purple Heart medal holders who reside in Indiana can also receive free tuition at Indiana state universities and colleges; veterans can use this tuition remission benefit for graduate and undergraduate work. Florida and Alabama run similar programs at their state universities.

In Indiana, children of Purple Heart recipients can also receive education benefits. Eligible children include biological and adopted children of veterans who have won Purple Heart medals. Adopted children must have been adopted before age 24. Children of Purple Heart winners who meet these criteria may attend state-funded Indiana colleges and universities for free, and can use the funds for undergraduate, graduate or professional education.