Who Makes Puritan Shirts?

Navaneeth KN/CC-BY-2.0

As of September 2012, Puritan Cape Cod, based in Massachusetts, started its own full-scale clothing brand. The retailer sells shirts that are premade by a manufacturer under the Puritan Cape Cod label as well as shirts through its own Chatham Chino line, which was created by the Puritan Company.

Puritan Cape Cod was established by Abraham Penn in Plymouth, Mass., in 1919. He opened the first Puritan Cape Cod retail store in Chatham, Mass., in 1925. At that time, he sold personnel uniforms to the local Coast Guard station. Two of the pants in Puritan’s Chatham Chino line are designs inspired by the original uniforms. Puritan survived the Depression because of its uniform sales.The Chatham Chino logo depicts a dual hurricane flag like that used by the Coast Guard banner to alert locals of a bad storm.

Some of the prominent men’s brands that are represented by the Puritan Cape Cod store include Vineyard Vines, Hugo Boss and Robert Chapman. Women’s brands include Kate Spade, Eileen Fisher and Vince.

Polo shirts and trousers are featured under the Puritan label, and belts, trousers and shirts are included in Puritan’s Chatham Chino line. Other services provided by the clothier include tailoring, tuxedo rental and uniform sales.