How Do You Purchase a Trader Joe’s Franchise?

Franchises cannot be purchased from Trader Joe’s. It is a private company that supplies and maintains all its individual stores directly, instead of selling franchises and allowing local ownership.

While Trader Joe’s does not sell individual franchises, it does offer opportunities to become a Trader Joe’s vendor to those who have a product to sell that meets certain health and safety standards, found on the company website. People interested in this opportunity may fill out the Vendor Inquiry Form found on the Trader Joe’s website.

Trader Joe’s also offers career opportunities, accepting applications for Mate and Crew positions. Further advancement is achieved through internal promotion, to positions such as Merchant and Captain. Applications should be filled out in person at the store where a position is desired.

There is also a location request form to be found on the Trader Joe’s website, where people can put in their names, contact information, the city and state where they would like to have Trader Joe’s open a store, along with any additional comments they may have.

Customers are encouraged to contact Trader Joe’s with any questions they may have. There is a contact form on the Trader Joe’s website for general inquiries, as well as a list of all the Trader Joe’s stores with their addresses and phone numbers.