How Do You Prune a Golden Cypress Shrub?

Prune a golden mop cypress shrub in the fall by trimming back its limbs sparingly. Avoid cutting into old wood, as this part of the shrub does not regrow. To prune any dead or damaged roots or trim the limbs to control its size, cut to the nearest outward-facing shoots, and stay within the new wood.

Plant a golden cypress shrub in an area with well-drained soil and cool, mild weather, avoiding temperature extremes. Make sure the tree has full sun exposure to attain its vibrant golden foliage. Water the plant often so the soil is always moist, but not so damp that the plant develops root rot.

Since high winds can damage the shrub, causing the mop-like foliage to break or develop winterburn, plant it against a wind barrier. For areas that have cold winters, plant the shrub in a pot, and move it indoors when the weather starts to grow too cold.

The golden mop cypress shrub, or Chamaecyparis pisifera, is native to Japan, growing up to 18 inches tall and 18 inches wide. The evergreen shrub, while it doesn’t flower, turns golden under the full sun. One type of the plant, the blue mop, has a blue tint to the green needles rather than a golden color.