What Are Some Pros and Cons of a Smart TV?

Some pros and cons of a smart TV are that smart TVs have the benefit of having a built-in computer and Internet connection. Many manufacturers use this to include other features. However, smart TVs are often much more expensive than regular HD TVs and can be affected by viruses or hackers.

Some of the pros of a smart TV, besides it having an Internet connection for streaming content, include the ability to surf the Internet straight from the TV. Not all smart TVs have this ability, but some, with the help of a special browser, allow users to display websites on their televisions.

Smart TVs get the same local channels as regular televisions. However, most need an HDTV antenna or cable or satellite service to get these channels. So consumers who want to cut ties with a cable or satellite company may not be able to do so.

Because smart TVs are usually of higher quality and more expensive than regular sets, many people will find the picture quality on a smart TV better than that of a regular HDTV. Smart TVs cost, on average, around $150 more than regular sets.

To be safe while using a smart TV, never use the web browser to do things like banking online or making online purchases. These TVs are in no way as safe as a computer.