What Are the Pros and Cons of BadBoy Zero Turn Mowers?

Advantages of Bad Boy zero turn mowers include the high horsepower engines that make them cut faster, as well as their rigid, long-lasting performance, as stated by Tractor Supply. Disadvantages include the plastic idler pulleys that get trashed easily and the blades that wear out quickly, claims Slick Deals.

The Bad Boy 54 in. 725cc MZ Magnum Zero-Turn Mower is powered by 725cc Kohler engines, making it cut fast and clean. The mower is made with commercial-grade, solid-steel tubular frames and steel front forks that make it durable enough to span decades. The mower is equipped with an adjustable tapered front-leading edge for adapting to any kind of grass conditions. The patented EZ-Ride System utilizes independent front and rear rubber compression shocks to absorb vibration from uneven terrain, allowing users to mow for longer without fatigue

However, the plastic idler pulleys wear out quickly, trashing the belts along with it; this can damage the pulley arms as well, requiring users to spend more on steel spare parts. Moreover, prolonged exposure of the mowers to rough or stony terrain wears the blades out quickly; mowing thus becomes noisy. Prices for Bad Boy zero turn mowers range from $3500 to $9900, according to Equipment Trader.