What Is the Proper Placement for a Blind-Spot Mirror?

Finding an ideal height and angle on a car to place a blind-spot mirror involves several steps to achieve an accurate view, according to the Auto Moto Advisor. The process is not perfect and may require a few tries, but sizing up the glass for appropriate position can be a good starting point, says Auto Moto Advisor. The goal of blind-spot mirror placement is to eliminate as many blind spots as possible when driving.

The Society of Automotive Engineers suggests adjusting the mirror outward enough so the viewing angle of the side mirror overlaps the cabin’s rearview mirror. With this approach, a driver can see more of the cars in the blind spot. Traditional placement of a blind-spot mirror allows a driver to see the flank of the car being driven and the car directly behind it; however, it may be difficult to see a car to the left. Adjust the blind-spot mirrors so that the car in the rearview mirror is not visible in the blind-spot mirrors.

While it might be difficult to get used to the position of these mirrors, a driver can negate a car’s blind spot with these positions. Switching lanes when driving will require a quick look over the shoulder when using this setup.