How Do You Program a White Rodgers 1F80-361 Thermostat?

To begin programming a White Rodgers 1F80-361 thermostat, press and release the run button. Next, press program and run together. This brings up the configuration menu; from here each menu can be accessed by pressing the hold button. Previous menus can be brought back up with the time button.

The first menu allows the user to set a hold temperature in 15-minute intervals up to eight hours. To use this function, press the hold button until the hold temperature time is reached. When the button is released, the display blinks, and set the temperature using the up and down arrow keys. Users can also choose whether to set a fast or slow cycle rate by pressing either the FA or SL buttons. The third menu allows for changes in the display backlight. Each of the further menus uses the up and down arrow keys for selection of different functions. Pressing run while in the final menu will return the thermostat to its normal operation.

Before programming the thermostat, check that it is operating correctly. Do this by turning on the power and moving the fan switch to the on position. This should engage the blower. When the fan switch is moved to auto, the blower should immediately stop.