How Do You Program TV Codes to a Dish Network Remote?

Christina Reichl Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Dish Network subscribers can enter the TV code for their television into the remote after pressing and holding down the TV button. Enter in the three or four-digit code on the key pad to tie the TV to the remote.

  1. Look up the TV codes
  2. Visit the Dish Network website to look up the TV code for the make and model of television.

  3. Enter the TV code
  4. Press and hold down the “TV” button at the top of the remote. Do this until all four buttons at the top of the remote light up and stay lit. Type in the three or four-digit TV code from the Dish website.

  5. Select the AUX mode
  6. If entering the TV into AUX mode on the remote, another step must be completed before inputting the TV code. Press “0” before entering the three or four-digit TV Code.

  7. Test the remote
  8. Press the “#” button. The TV or AUX mode button should flash three times. When ready to use, press the appropriate mode button and then press the “Power” button on the remote to turn the TV on or off. Users can enter in channel numbers to change the channel on the TV or adjust volume and other features when using TV mode.