How Do I Program a Toshiba Remote Control?

David Becker/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Programming a Toshiba remote control requires access to the remote control codes table found in the owner’s manual or user guide for the Toshiba device. Although many Toshiba remote controls include a “search” feature that automatically links the device to its proper code, the feature does not work with all television brands. If the device’s manual is inaccessible, browse the Internet for the device’s corresponding Toshiba remote control code.

After procuring a list of Toshiba remote control codes, turn on the television, DVD player or other device that must be linked with the Toshiba remote control. Open the user guide for the Toshiba remote control, and locate the “Device Code Table.” Locate the section for the type of device that needs programming.

Find the manufacturer’s name for the device that needs programming. Observe the number of the code next to the manufacturer name. The first code is the most common code and typically works for the respective brand produced by the manufacturer.

Press the “Mode” button on the Toshiba remote control until the indicator light displays next to the type of device in need of programming. Then press and hold the “Recall” button on the Toshiba remote. While holding down the “Recall” button, enter the first four-digit code listed in the Device Code Table. After entering the code, the Mode indicator light will blink twice. If the light only blinks once, verify the code and re-enter it. If the code is valid, the remote will begin to work instantly. If the remote is not functioning, move onto the next code in the Device Code Table, and repeat the same steps until the remote is activated.