How Do You Program the Sharper Image Jumbo Remote?

Programming the Sharper Image jumbo remote simply requires a programming code, a device to program, such as a television or DVD player and the jumbo remote. The jumbo remote is capable of programming up to eight different devices that can be controlled by the remote.

There are two ways to program the Sharper Image jumbo remote, either entering the device code in manually or performing a code search through the remote with the device turned on. Follow the below steps to program the device desired to operate with the Sharper Image jumbo remote.

  1. Using the code search
  2. Turn on the device to be programmed and aim the remote towards the device. Press and hold the “Code Search” button until the remote light stays on. Press the appropriate device button on the remote, such as TV or DVD, until the light blinks and then turns solid. Press and release the power button until the device turns off. Press enter to save the code. 
  3. Manually entering the code
  4. Turn on the device and aim the remote towards it and then press the appropriate device button on the remote. Press “Code Search” on the remote until the light remains solid. Enter the code for the device that came with the manual, or that was located online. If the code worked, the light will turn off. Press the power button to turn off the device and test the code. Press enter to save the code.