How Do You Program a Rite Temp Thermostat?

To program a RiteTemp thermostat, first select Heat or Cool by pressing the mode switch. Then select the correct day to change that day’s temperature. Once the day is selected, press Time Slot until the right time of day is selected. Finally, adjust the temperature and time, and press Next.

RiteTemp thermostats, whether using buttons or a touch screen, are thermostats with a seven day, four time period setting. Each day has four time periods that may have their defined times adjusted, and the corresponding temperature for each day adjusted for them. Potentially, a RiteTemp thermostat is programmable for 28 different temperature settings throughout a week. The steps for programming a RiteTemp touch screen thermostat are the same as with a thermostat with buttons.

Once a setting has been made for a given day, it is possible to copy the settings over to another day. Press Copy when the thermostat has selected a given day. Then select the correct day with the Day button, and press the Copy button to save the setting for that day.

RiteTemp thermostats come pre-programmed with recommended settings. These settings are created to be energy efficient according to EnergyStar guidelines, to save household power and money. Programming the thermostat manually will overwrite these settings.