How Do You Program a RadioShack Universal Remote?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To program a RadioShack universal remote, first choose the device type to be programmed. To program TVs, choose the TV device key. For cable converters, choose CBL.

Hold down the P until a red light blinks twice, then enter the 4-digit manufacturer’s code for the device to be programmed. For example, for a Panasonic TV with a manufacturer’s code of 0051, press TV, hold down the P until the red light blinks twice and enter 0 0 5 1. After the red light has blinked twice, the remote control has been programmed. If the light only blinks once, the code was not entered correctly. Next, point the remote control at the device, and press power. If it is programmed correctly, the device should turn off.

For homes with multiple systems, avoid duplicate codes. Although universal remotes can control most devices without a problem, sometimes there can be an issue if duplicate codes are used. To bypass this problem, search the list of manufacturer remote codes, and choose an alternate code for any device that is made by the same manufacturer.

To locate manufacturer remote codes, refer to the user guide or owner’s manual. Remote codes can also be found online at