How Do You Program a Python Car Alarm Remote?

A Python car alarm remote is programmed using the valet button procedure that opens the radio frequencies up to the systems brain. In order to implement the procedure, the valet button must be plugged into the alarm systems brain.

Python alarms are produced by DEI systems. The following instructions explain how to properly program a remote from a Python alarm system.

  1. Open the car door
  2. Open the car door so the dome light turns on.

  3. Start the car
  4. Turn the key and start the vehicle.

  5. Press the valet button
  6. Within 15 seconds press and release the valet button. One time for arming it, twice for the trunk release and three times for remote start. Then press it again for confirmation.

  7. Hold the valet button down
  8. Hold down the valet button and press the button on the remote. Once the valet button is released the remote will be programmed.