How Do You Program a Philips Universal Remote CL035A?

To program your Philips CL035A universal remote control, sync the remote to the device you wish to control. Once you sync the remote to your device, test it to ensure that the remote is controlling the device.

  1. Turn on the device you want to control

    Turn on the television or other device you want to operate with your Philips remote control. You may have to turn on the device manually because the remote is not yet synced to the device.

  2. Prepare the remote

    Press the Setup button until the red light indicator remains on. Release the Setup button. Then, hold down the mode button you wish to program. For example, this can be the television or DVD player. The red light should light up again and remain lit.

  3. Locate your device’s four-digit code

    Find the four-digit code that allows you to sync your remote to your device. Consult the user manual, or visit the Philips website to find the code.

  4. Enter the four-digit code

    Key in the four-digit code using the numerical keypad. The remote is now programmed to control your device.

  5. Test the remote

    Press the volume or any other button to make sure that the remote controls the device. Repeat the entire process for any additional devices.