How Do You Program an Outdoor Light Timer?

To program an outdoor light timer, locate the timer’s owner’s manual and follow the outlined procedure. Programming an outdoor light timer greatly depends on the timer model, as every timer model features different settings and offers different functions.

The following steps outline how to program most AeroGarden timers, excluding the SpaceSaver6 and AeroGarden 3 models:

Step 1: Choose the time.

Decide on the time during the day or night that the lights need to turn on. Program the lights at this time.

Step 2: Turn the lights on.

The lights need to be turned on to reset the timer. Press the “Lights” button to turn the lights on.

Step 3: Hold the “Lights” button.

Press down and hold the “Lights” button for about 5 to 8 seconds, until the “Select” button starts to blink. Continue holding until about 10 to 12 seconds and the “Select” button starts to blink faster.

Step 4: Release the “Lights” button.

The timer lights will then turn off momentarily, returning back on after a few seconds delay. The lights will now come on during this time of day.

The above process is for most AeroGarden lights, and as other light timers offer different functions and buttons, the processes to set the timers vary. Reference the timer’s owner’s manual and follow the outlined procedure to program outdoor light timers.