How Do You Program an Invensys Thermostat Without the Manual?

To program an Invensys thermostat without the manual, press Menu, press Program, select the time periods and events to program, and use the up and down button to select specific times and heat/cool temperatures. When the programming is completed, press Finished.

In programming mode, select individual days. Select Mon to Fri for weekdays, Sat to Sun for weekends or Mon to Sun to program every day identically. After selecting a day or time period, select a specific event, such as wake, morn, eve or night. Select a time for the event to begin, press Set Time, select a heating temperature, press Set Heat, select a cooling temperature, and press Set Cool. Follow the procedure to select times, heating temperatures and cooling temperatures for each event, then move on to other days or time periods. To copy an entire programmed schedule from one day to another, press Copy, use the up or down button to highlight the day to copy the schedule to, and press Yes.

To temporarily change a programmed temperature, use the up or down button to adjust the temperature, then press Set Temp, and the temperature remains at the temporary setting until the next programmed time period or for three hours, whichever is shorter. To hold a temporary temperature for over three hours, press Hold Temp, and choose temporary hold, permanent hold or vacation hold. Temporary hold remains until a specific programmed time. Permanent hold remains until manually changed, and vacation hold remains for a specific number of days.