How Do You Program a Dodge Key Fob?

To program a Dodge key fob, press and release the “Lock” button five times within about 10 seconds. Insert the key, and turn it to the run position. Press and hold the “Unlock” button. While holding “Unlock”, press and hold the “Panic” button for one second. Release them simultaneously. Wait for the car to cycle the locks then press “Lock” and “Unlock.” Release them and press and release “Unlock.”

Dealerships charge $50 or more to program key fobs. Before going that route, most consumers will try to do it themselves.

Programming a Dodge key fob can differ between models. For example, to program a 2006 Ram 1500, the first valid key is put into the ignition and turned to the “On” position for at least three seconds and no longer than 15 seconds. The key is then turned back to the “Off” position and removed from the ignition.

A second valid key is then put into the ignition and switched to “On” for 15 seconds. After 10 seconds, the security light will flash, and the key is turned to “Off” and removed.

Next, a blank Sentry key is put into the ignition and switched to “On” within 60 seconds of removing the second key. After ten seconds the security light stops flashing, and the third key is turned to “Off” and removed.

This step has programmed the new Sentry key. The Keyless Entry Transmitter has also been programmed at this time. The process can be repeated to add up to six additional keys.