How Do You Program a Dish Remote to a Receiver?

Program a Dish remote to match a specific receiver by changing the remote address through the receiver. This is done using the receiver’s menu system and the remote itself.

  1. Access the receiver’s menu

    Access the System Info screen and menu for the receiver by pressing the SYSTEM INFO button on the front panel of the receiver. This shows the general information for the system, including the current remote address located in the UHF remote address box.

  2. Enter new remote address

    Press and hold down the SAT button located on the remote. Release the SAT button when all four mode buttons, from SAT to AUX, light up. Using the keypad on the remote, enter a new remote address from one to 16, except for the current address. After entry, the SAT button lights a second time.

  3. Set new remote address

    Press the # key on the remote keypad until the SAT button flashes three times. Release the # button, and then press the RECORD button on the remote. Check the System Info screen on the television. It should now display the new remote address entered into the remote, linking that specific Dish remote to that specific receiver. Press the Done button to exit the menu.