How Do You Program a DirectTV Remote to Recognize a TV?

To sync your DirecTV remote with your television, first determine whether you have an high-definition or standard-definition receiver and launch the remote programming menu. Then, follow the prompts on the receiver to program your remote.

  1. Determine what kind of remote you have

    Refer to your user manual to determine what kind of remote you have. If your remote is white, it is a remote for a high-definition receiver. If your remote is black, it is a remote for a standard-definition receiver.

  2. Launch the remote programming menu

    Make sure your TV and receiver are both turned on. For the HD receiver, click the Menu button on the remote. Then, select Settings and Help, Settings, Remote Control and Program Remote. For the SD receiver, click the Menu button, and select Parental Favs and Setup, System Setup, Remote Control and Program Remote.

  3. Program the remote

    A list of prompts appear on the screen that ask you for the manufacturer of the television you are attempting to sync with the remote. Follow the prompts to program your remote. Alternatively, you can program the remote manually by entering a five-digit code. Visit the DirecTV’s code look up website to find the five-digit code for your remote. You can also find a list of codes in your user manual.