How Do You Program Your Charter Remote?

Program a Charter remote control by first identifying the code for each device the remote is to be used with. After a code is found, turn on the device, program the remote control to the device using the “SETUP” button, and then press the “PWR” button to complete the process.

A Charter remote control can be programmed to operate a number of devices, including a VCR, DVD player, audio receiver and television. The codes for these devices can usually be found in the owner’s manual of the device.

If the device code is known, begin by turning on that device. Then, on the remote control press the button that corresponds to the device. For example, if programming a DVD player, hit “DVD.” After the button blinks once, press and hold the “SETUP” button on the remote until the device button blinks twice. Once it blinks twice, the remote is ready to be programmed.

Release the “SETUP” button and while pointing the remote control towards the device, enter the four-digit code. The device button should then blink twice. Press the “PWR” button on the remote, and if the code has been entered correctly, the device will shut off. If the device does not have a power button, use the “PLAY” button on the remote instead. Codes for many devices can also be found online at