How Do You Program a Bell Remote Code for an LG TV?

Switch the TV on and then hold the mode and select keys for 1 second. Releasing both keys, the mode key stays lit. Enter one of these codes: 0050, 0155, 0004, 0005, 0009, 0012, 0057, 0080, 0132, 0156, 0227 or 0338. Then, switch the TV off.

The Bell Remote only needs programming if the LG TV set is the secondary TV device operated by the remote, for a Bell Remote will automatically be programmed to the first TV set on the mode key, the first

DVD-player set on the DVD key and the first auxiliary machine set on the AUX key. Any other secondary devices programmed to the remote needs programming as explained.

The DVD and AUX keys can be set up with any device, including TV’s, DVD players and sound equipment, whilst the TV key can only be programmed to a TV set. It is, however, advised that the mode key for DVD and AUX should be set according to their respected devices for optimum use with the remote control.

The LG codes 0050 and 0155 are specifically created for newer model TV’s. However, all codes should be tested as explained until the correct one for the TV is found.