How Do You Program an AstroStart Remote Starter?

An AstroStart Remote Car Starter is programmed using a step-by-step process, including opening the hood of the car, pushing and releasing the brake pedal and cycling the ignition on and off. Instructions are located in the Support section of

To add a remote on an AstroStart Car Starter, first open the vehicle hood. Insert the key into the ignition, and turn it to the On position. Next, push and release the break pedal a single time. Cycle the ignition from the Off position to the On position twice, ending with the key in the Off position.

After the parking light blinks four times, push any button of the remote for the system to recognize and learn the remote. The parking light flashes one time each time it learns a remote. Repeat this step for all remotes that need to be learned. After all remotes are added, finish the programming process by pushing the brake pedal once.

To locate step-by-step instructional manuals, find the Owner’s Guide for the particular Remote Car Starter model in the Owner’s Guides section of AstroStart’s Support page on AstroStart Technical Support is reachable toll-free at 1-800-361-7271 if assistance is needed during the programming process.