What Are Some Professional Goals for Teachers?

Some professional goals for teachers are to further their own education, improve personal performance, attain district-wide goals and meet standards set by the local Department of Education, according to the Houston Chronicle. Professional goals can focus on personal development or on the needs of students.

According to the Houston Chronicle, examples of goals related to educational growth are taking specific continuing education courses, working towards additional certifications and earning an advanced license or a master’s degree. Some examples of professional performance goals include attending educational conferences, participating in workshops and keeping up-to-date with professional literature.

In addition to professional development goals, teachers may also focus on district-wide goals, which include raising standardized test scores, using technology effectively and improving students’ reading skills. Teachers’ professional goals are influenced by the Department of Education, which encourages goals to be specific and concise, measurable, attainable, relevant and results-oriented and time-sensitive.

Teachers have highly individualized goals for their careers, as explained by Teach.com. Many enter the profession because they want to share knowledge, be a role model, learn something new every day and make a difference in the lives of their students. Teaching is a helping profession, and teachers’ professional goals often reflect their desire to be agents of positive change.