Which Professional Football Players Wore the Number 27 Jersey?

Professional football players who wore the No. 27 jersey include Ken Houston, Robert Hubbard and Brandon Jacobs. Houston also wore the No. 29 jersey, while Hubbard donned several other uniform numbers throughout his career, including 36, 40 and 51. Running back Brandon Jacobs wore the No. 27 for the majority of his nine-year run in the NFL before switching to the No. 34 in 2013.

Robert Hubbard and Ken Houston were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963 and 1986 respectively. Hubbard began his professional football career in the 1920s, spending two years as a lineman with the New York Giants before transferring to the Green Bay Packers in 1929. He spent nine seasons in professional football, earning accolades for his impressive defensive and offensive skills. In 1936, he switched careers to professional baseball, becoming an umpire in the American League. Hubbard passed away in 1977.

Ken Houston’s 14-season career started in 1967 at the Houston Oilers, with whom he would spend six impressive years. A talented tackler, runner and defender, Houston’s skills were in high demand; in 1973, the Washington Redskins exchanged five of their players to bring him on board. Houston played with the Redskins for eight consecutive years before retiring.

Another veteran of the New York Giants, Brandon Jacobs officially announced his retirement from professional football in early 2014. He spent a brief year with the San Francisco 49ers before returning to the Giants in 2013.