What Are Some Products Produced by the Everbilt Hardware Company?

Drywall screws, deck screws and sliding door hardware are some products produced by the Everbilt hardware company. A few others include lock washers, lock nuts and specialty hardware.

All Everbilt drywall screws are phosphate-plated, steel construction screws with a sharp point for precise and easy fastening. They have bugle heads, a black finish and come in two fastener thread types: fine and coarse. These screws are normally used to fasten gypsum boards to light-gauge steel studs.

The deck screws are wood screws that have flat heads with a ceramic finish. Primarily used in outdoor wood construction, they can be used throughout the year irrespective of the climate. Everbilt?s sliding door hardware is made of stainless steel with anti-jump discs and high density plastic wheels. An adapter kit provides the option of connecting two or more tracks. The sliding hardware unit is available both in steel and an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

The lock washers manufactured by Everbilt are stainless steel or zinc-plated. They are available in three fastener types: split lock washers, internal tooth lock washers and external tooth lock washers. The lock nuts are hexagonal zinc-plated nuts with nylon rings. They are made of steel and usually sport a metallic or chrome finish. Some of Everbilt?s specialty hardware include hole plugs made of nylon or nickel-plated steel. These plugs have flexible prongs to enable them to fit precisely into the holes.