What Products Does Nicole Crafts Make?

Nicole Crafts products include children’s craft supplies, foam sheets, tissue paper, door hangers, pony beads, plastic bottles, artist palette, acrylic paint, paint brushes, sketch pads and tacky glue. SBAR’s Inc. is a craft and hobby supply store that carries and distributes products sold under the proprietary label Nicole Crafts, as noted by the About Us page at the SBAR’s website.

Customers can find a listing of Nicole Craft products by going to SBARsOnline.com and clicking on the link “Nicole” found under the lists of manufacturers. There are more than 1,100 pages of products. Some other items listed are painter’s caps, painting knives, palette cups and a vast selection of acrylic paint colors. However, these craft items are only available for sale to retail craft stores and not the general public.

The A.C. Moore website offers a variety of Nicole Crafts products, which customers can purchase through this site. Additionally, this website provides a listing of projects for children that require Nicole Crafts products, such as plastic bottles for sand bottles, pony beads for a variety of necklaces and other kid jewelry. For example, one project is the Nicole Crafts summer assorted stitchery project, and some items needed for it are Nicole Crafts items, such as a wood star, banner, adhesive back foam letters and rhinestones.