What Are Some Products Made by the Rainbo Bread Company?

The Rainbo Bread Company outlet in Bakersfield, California, offers cakes, danishes and discount bread in both white and whole wheat. The Rainbo brand was bought by the Bimbo brand family in 2010, the latter of which produces Thomas’ English muffins, Boboli pizza and Sara Lee non-dessert products, among other items.

After the Rainbo brand was sold in 2010, bakery outlets in the Commerce City, Michigan, area that once carried the brand’s products were closed, though several California outlets in the Bakersfield, California, area remained open as of 2014. Iron Kids, a brand of sliced bread sold in loaves under the Rainbo label, was rebranded under Sara Lee as “Sara Lee Iron Kids” bread, and can be found in select regional Wal-Mart stores. Other bread brands bought by Sara Lee around the same time as Rainbo, such as Colonial Bread, were gradually phased out rather than sold in the Bimbo deal, which gave Sara Lee the right to continue selling dessert products under its own brand name. The Rainbo brand does not appear to be a standalone brand in traditional retail stores any longer, with its factories and products now engaged in producing items for the other sub-brands in the Bimbo family.