What Is the Process to Set Yahoo As a Home Page?

Tom Merton/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Setting any website to a home page like Yahoo depends on the type of Web browser that a person is using. Two common Web browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

To set Yahoo as a homepage in Mozilla Firefox, one would go to yahoo.com so that it is displayed in the Web browser. The tab should then be dragged and dropped to the Home button displayed on the right side of the Firefox tab. A prompt should appear asking if Yahoo should be set as the home page. The user should then click Yes.

Other home page options include setting the home page back to default, or choosing a blank page as the start screen. Firefox can also be programmed through the Options tab to display all of the tabs and windows that were open the last time that Firefox had been used.

To set Yahoo as the home page in Internet Explorer, one would go to Tools in the task bar, followed by Internet Options. A tab should be showing that says General. In this tab, a user can enter the URL that they would like to be their start page. In this case, they would enter www.yahoo.com into the URL line.