What Are Some Problems With the Toyota Navigation System?

Some of the problems reported by users of Toyota navigation systems include inaccessibility of the touch screens when the car is in motion, poor voice recognition, GPS lag, recalculation errors in routes and missing addresses. Additional minor problems include the text size being too small, slow booting and connecting, and the screen lighting not working properly.

The most common complaint from users is that they get locked out of the system when they are driving. While this is designed as a safety feature, many competitor navigation systems have a sensor which detects when the passenger seat is occupied, allowing this control to be unlocked. Additionally, as Toyota’s navigation system is reported to have poor voice recognition, drivers are unable to give instructions without repeating themselves several times and frequently have to stop the car to use the touch screen.

GPS lag is also commonly reported by users, most of whom say that it is most apparent when passing through an intersection. While the driver may have cleared the intersection, the GPS system often shows that the car is still approaching.

Many users have reported that if they stray off course, the Toyota system keeps trying to get them to turn around and go back to the point where they lost track, even if there is an easier route that could be taken. Most navigation systems can recalculate a new route that either eventually intersects with the original route or takes the driver a different way.