What Problems Do Poor Families Face?

Some of the problems faced by poor people include lack of proper clothing to protect them from harsh weather conditions, lack of resources to purchase a balanced diet meal or provide themselves with constant meals, and lack of finance to obtain proper medical care and access quality education.

Many poor people live in deplorable conditions across the world. There is no proper shelter that will protect them from adverse weather conditions. Their problems are compounded by lack of sanitation, such as proper sewage systems or running water. These conditions can lead to outbreak of diseases, such as cholera and dysentry. These squalorous conditions are rampant in informal settlements (slums) where many poor in urban areas in several parts of the world reside. Poor people often do not have access to higher education due to its high cost. In most cases, they only afford basic education. Even where primary education is free, conditions in some households do not allow children to attend school. For instance, they may lack appropriate clothing.

Many poor people live within slums and ghettos of their towns and have no gainful employment. This condition often pushes many young people into drug use, prostitution and other illicit activities.